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FIDAL Foundation, a strategic vision

Quito, October 24, 2016

Drafting Fidal

Reaching 18 years as an NGO is an important achievement. Through determined leadership, a committed work team and a strong sense of service to the country and the region, Fundación FIDAL innovates, grows and reaps results.

Since the implementation of one of its first initiatives, the Scientific Journalism Seminar; FIDAL's work has grown through the identification of local and regional opportunities and needs, but also through permanent work in four areas: Education, Democracy, Science - Environment, and Publications.

Today, our mission to strengthen education and consolidate democracy and governance with an ecological awareness and sustainable development approach in both Ecuador and Latin America; It allows us to prioritize and develop strategies around the Millennium Development Goals, specifically those that have to do with quality education, climate change, decent work and economic growth; and sustainable cities and communities.

The Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America (FIDAL) understands that globalization brings challenges but also opportunities, and for this reason it will continue its work focused on local needs but inserting itself in world realities, in short, with a GLOCAL perspective.

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