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Quito, March 11, 2020

Drafting FIDAL



FIDAL trains teachers in E-STEM


FIDAL begins a new stage of E-STEM Mentoring and Escalation (Ethics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), at the 10 de Agosto Educational Unit, in the city of Quito.

During 8 weeks, 60 teachers from the educational center will receive talks and workshops on dynamic content and proposal of subjects related to scientific areas.

This stage of the Mentoring has the support of the Pan American Developmente Foundation (PADF) and Boeing, institutions that believe in the work of FIDAL and that are committed to this new period of training.

The inauguration was held on March 3 with the presence of Rosalía Arteaga, executive president of FIDAL, who encouraged teachers to educate themselves and to keep up with current technological development, which benefits them as professionals and, therefore, the educational system. .

On the other hand, Elizabeth Vásconez and Gisela Tasiguano, rector and vice-rector of the educational unit, respectively, thanked the support of the three organizations and ratified the desire of their teaching staff to get involved in E-STEM Mentoring.


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