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Eight projects achieved the Nous for Educational Excellence

Quito, April 29, 2016

On the night of April 13, Fundación Fidal held the award ceremony. This edition had the participation of 106 projects, 83 national projects and 23 Latin American projects competed for the Noûs; statuette that symbolizes the effort and innovation of the teacher in his daily task of educating.

After hard work, the international jury members announced the verdict with the 8 projects, 5 national and 3 Latin American, which achieved Educational Excellence. The Nôus Awards for Latin American Educational Excellence were awarded to teachers: José Carlos Ismatul Rejopachi, from Guatemala; Mayor Wagner Pinheiro de Barros, from Brazil; Tadiana Guadalupe Escorcia Romero and Luz Myriam Fajardo Muñoz, from Colombia.

The statuettes for National Educational Excellence went to: Walter Luis Romero Serrano and José Ávila Ramos (“La Alborada - Guayas Technical Experimental College); Lorena Rojas and Johanna Coronel (Baby Gym Early Stimulation Center - Los Ríos); Jaqueline Ponce (Johannes Kepler School - Pichincha); Miriam Consuelo Cartagena Tello ("Victoria" Christian Bilingual Academy - Pichincha) and Ximena Alexandra Pino Rojas (Chimborazo Higher Polytechnic School - Chimborazo). The aforementioned teachers raised the trophy in recognition of the innovation of their educational proposals, in addition they were deserving of scholarships in various higher education centers, observation trips, Yanbal prizes, among other prizes that exceed 25,000 USD per winning project.

The Nôus award for Lifetime Achievement was raised in the hands of national and international personalities who have made history for their contribution to the social, cultural and educational improvement of peoples. Among the personalities who received recognition for their social contribution, the following stand out: Alberto Plaza, Chilean singer-songwriter, creator of the Foundation "I'm going to change the world" (VACEM), whose mission is to contribute to the good treatment of children and Joaquín Leguía, Peruvian environmentalist , founder and director of the Association for Children and their Environment (ANIA).

For Ecuador, the life trajectory awards went to Jorge Toral Crespo, María Belén Camacho, Consuelo Terán Suárez and Father José Ribas de Reyna. Fundación Fidal applauds the commitment made by teachers, who, beyond representing an institution, become the image of their homeland and invites them to participate in the Ninth National and Fourth Latin American Contest of Educational Excellence.  

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