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Quito, February 25, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



Alumni of the Leadership School held a reunion in Quito


"The responsibility of being social actors" was the theme of the module of reunion and integration of former grantees from the four promotions of the Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future (CFF) promoted by FIDAL.

About 50 young leaders of the country gathered to be part of this meeting and share their projects and ideas with their colleagues; They also received talks and perspectives from special guests for this reunion, such as the comedian Ave Jaramillo and the painter Miguel Betancourt.

Democratic processes, the challenges of human mobility, digital media and democracy, new leaderships and others were addressed. To discuss these matters, representatives of prestigious institutions such as UNESCO, HIAS Ecuador, National Electoral Council, La Barra Espaciadora, EP Public Media, San Francisco de Quito University, IE Business School, Cecilia Ribadeneira Foundation and CRISFE Foundation met.

In addition, the young leaders elected a new board for the Association of Alumni of the School of Leadership (ASOBEL). Juan Javier Gutiérrez was appointed as the main manager along with two delegates from each promotion.

Every year FIDAL provides scholarships so that young people between 18 and 35 years old are part of the School, in which for six months they prepare in various topics on leadership, reinforcing ethical and democratic values, entrepreneurship and projects, to act as agents of change for their communities and, therefore, for the country.

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