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Photo: The teachers with the Fidal team led by Rosalía Arteaga.

Nôus winning teachers travel to Peru

Quito, October 5, 2016

Drafting Fidal


Fidal celebrates Teachers' Day with the farewell to the winning teachers of the Educational Excellence Contest who traveled to Peru, in which the OEI participated with its executive director Natalia Armijos, an organization that year after year supports the foundation to stimulate Ecuadorian teachers .

The teachers Miriam Cartagena Tello, from Pichincha and Ximena Alexandra Pino, from Riobamba, will participate in Lima in activities at the IE Fe y Alegría, at the Recycling Plant of the Municipality of Surco and at the House of Literature, where they will exhibit their projects and they will exchange knowledge and experiences with their Peruvian colleagues.

The entire Fidal team, led by Rosalía Arteaga, spoke with the teachers who will be in Lima, and at the same time congratulating them, they turned them into ambassadors of the Educational Excellence Contest to disseminate it in Peru, remembering that the deadline to send the projects goes until December 10.

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