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Quito, May 9, 2017

Drafting Fidal


On the weekend of May 5 to 7, 2017, the Training Center for the Future kicked off the Leadership School 2017 with the presence of 52 scholars from 14 different provinces and 2 countries (Ecuador and Venezuela), special guests such as the Ambassador of Mexico, Jaime del Arenal and Edgar León and our trainers Jose Agusto Briones and María Eileen Delgadillo.

Here we share with you a little of the experience from the eyes of one of our interns:


"In these three days, I lived a number of very rewarding experiences for my daily life, where creativity, innovation, simplicity, dynamism, solidarity and companionship gathered that always characterizes the" millennials "Ecuadorians and Latin Americans. Regardless of the accent, city, or country, we have the same objective, to be those "agents of change" that our countries need to be able to progress in freedom, where ethical and moral values ​​weigh more than the typical problems that affect to our societies. Today I can say that I am fortunate to prepare with 56 leaders from almost all corners of Ecuador and part of our sister Republic of Venezuela, But most of all, I am blessed to share with them the feeling of friendship and get to know my country and my continent based on their experience, their beliefs, customs and their love for seeing a different Latin America. "

Juan Xavier Gutierrez Limongi, MA.

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