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Photo: Miguel Gavilanes, representative of the Federation of the Blind of Ecuador, received the Nôus statuette in 2015.

Nôus, the best teachers are committed to excellence

Education must become the shield of protection for the development of Ecuador and Latin America.

Quito, April 6, 2016

FIDAL Foundation, through the Educational Excellence Contest, seeks to improve teaching in the region, promoting the development of teachers and injecting confidence in their pedagogical innovations, with the aim of improving the system.

Every year, FIDAL awards the best educational proposals with the Nôus award, an award that symbolizes excellence.

In 2008, the Educational Excellence Contest was created and in 2010, the excellence award was established. However, put a name to the statuette, which contains the meaning of the contest; For a teacher, holding the award in his hands, feel that he has climbed a peak in his professional life, was a challenge for the foundation. By naming it Nôus, the organizers wanted to collect in this Greek word the meaning related to vision, thought and reflection, which allows knowledge, the intuition of ideas.

The Nôus Awards are statuettes that go into the hands of the best, teachers with educational projects, which due to their excellence can and should be replicated inside and outside our countries.

The Nôus has become the benchmark for quality and a promise that change is possible when opportunities, training and new sensitivities are offered.

Year after year, hundreds of teachers, from different parts of Ecuador and Latin America, are joining the change. Few achieve Educational Excellence, some receive honorable recognitions for their dedication and commitment; However, everyone gets the satisfaction of working for change and the illusion of conquering dreams.

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