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Photo: the participating teachers will be honored during the award ceremony, which this year will be on April 13 at the Casa de la Música.

106 educational projects dispute excellence

Quito, March 28, 2016

The Eighth National and Third Latin American Competition for Educational Excellence, organized by the Fidal Foundation, entered the final stage. 106 projects compete for the “NÖUS” statuette, the highest educational award, which represents the effort, dedication and excellence achieved by a teacher.

24 projects, presented by 8 countries in the region (Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil), were added to the 82 delivered from the different provinces of Ecuador. All participating projects were rigorously evaluated by prominent personalities from the academic world, who made up the national jury.

106 projects from Ecuador and Latin America passed the first test, the final evaluation is still missing, a responsibility that will fall on the international jury, made up of renowned personalities from the academic world, from Colombia, Spain, Chile and Cuba. Fidal is committed to the future of Latin America. The training and development of skills in the teaching-educational process must become the instrument of excellence for the development of the peoples in the Region.

Fundación Fidal appreciates the participation and trust placed in an event that seeks to highlight the contribution of people who give their lives to the task of educating. FIDAL refines details for the great award night for Educational Excellence on Wednesday, April 13, at 6:00 p.m., at the Casa de la Música, by the Metropolitan Hospital sector.

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