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Fidal Foundation will receive international recognition

On March 21, in a ceremony that will take place in the city of Manaus - Brazil, Fidal will receive the prestigious Great Medal of the Amazon.

Quito, March 7, 2016

The Panamazonia Association, one of the most important civil society groups in the central and northern part of South America, will award Fundación Fidal with the prestigious “Great Medal of the Amazon” for its performance in cooperation and assistance in educational areas. and training, improvement of the regional educational apparatus and generation of a sustainable environmental awareness.

The Panamazonia Association annually grants this recognition to certain personalities or companies that have contributed significantly to the promotion of the common good of the Amazonian peoples and regional development.

The winners are chosen by the Panamazonia council, made up of personalities from the Amazonian states and countries, based on very strict criteria. This year, the award, which reaches its seventh edition, will award Fundación Fidal along with several personalities who work for regional benefit.

In the last six years, a total of 53 medals have been awarded to entrepreneurs, intellectuals, scientists and companies in the Continental Amazon. Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, president of the Fidal Foundation Advisory Council, will attend to receive the award.

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