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Photo: Claudia and Rosalía Arteaga, Patricio Jijón, met with teachers Marianita Muñoz, Patricia German, Mercedes Pillajo and Lucía Goyes before their trip.

Municipal teachers travel to Bogotá

Quito, March 2, 2016

Drafting Fidal

This Tuesday, March 1, the winners of the First Municipal Education Contest: Mercedes Pillajo (UE Lombeyda), Marianita Muñoz (UE Quitumbe), Lucía Goyes and Patricia German (UE Calderón) traveled to Bogotá on behalf of the Education of the DM of Quito to exchange knowledge with your Colombian colleagues.

Among the activities scheduled in the travel agenda, the teachers will present the winning projects and attend a discussion at the Merani Institute, an organization that was created in 1988 for educational research purposes. Teachers from Ecuador and Colombia will share skills in this event, which will be led by Dr. Julián de Zubiría Samper, who will speak about the new teaching proposal called "Dialogue Pedagogy."

In addition, before their return arranged for March 4, the teachers will visit two educational centers that are referent in Colombian education: the Nicolás Buenaventura School and the Salitre de Suba School.

The teachers had been awarded this trip due to their outstanding participation in the contest organized by the Fidal Foundation and the Ministry of Education of the Municipality of Quito, between October and December 2015.

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