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Photo: the scholarship recipients will meet in Quito one weekend a month to receive the face-to-face lectures.

These are the topics to be discussed in the Leadership School 2016

Quito, March 17, 2016

Drafting Fidal

The Training Center for the Future will inaugurate its second class of Leadership School in a few weeks. This 2016 edition is an evolution of the one exhibited in 2015. The program will be completed over six face-to-face and teaching modules via the internet, from April to October.

The first two modules, which cover the months of April and May, will be devoted to dealing with leadership-related topics. The question that will be resolved during this period is who am I? Thus, scholarship recipients will be able to take the first big step of knowing themselves, with weaknesses, strengths and virtues.

The second part of the program will consist of two face-to-face meetings that seek to answer the question, what is my society? To determine where they live, the characteristics of the social and geographical environment of each fellow, and define the problems that arise in the area in the one they perform.

In the fifth module, emphasis will be placed on the question, what do I propose? Where the scholarship recipients will become generators of ideas and social and political innovations. To close the cycle, in the sixth module, scheduled for October, the participants will make use of everything they have learned in the Leadership School and will present the projects they plan to implement. The projects will be graded by the lecturers and the Academic Council, since they are taken as a prerequisite to graduation.

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