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Arteaga visits educational campuses

Quito, March 29, 2016

On the morning of March 29, the Ecuadorian writer, Rosalía Arteaga visited the Rey Sabio Salomón School to share with the sixth and seventh year students of basic education and to talk about the work “Jerónimo y los otros Jerónimos”.

An intense conversation, with accounts of the writer's own experiences, captivated the audience. Arteaga spoke with the youth about the importance of reading and its influence on student and professional development.

In addition, as an Ecuadorian personality, former Minister of Education, first president and vice president of Ecuador, Rosalía Arteaga urged students to work for their development and for the development of the country, committing them to be leaders, to leave conformity to achieve dreams, to meet each other. themselves, knowing what their failures are and how to deploy their capabilities to raise their quality of life and the people around them.

Photo: drawing made by Melanie Tibanta, a 7th-year student at Colegio Rey Sabio Salomón.

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