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Photo: as well as the program that begins today, the one for 2015 was also developed at the Saint Dominic School, in Quito.

Today five dozen are welcomed

of scholarship recipients from all over the country

Quito, April 1, 2016

This Friday, April 1, the Training Center for the Future (CFF) begins the second program of the Leadership School, a project promoted by the FIDAL Foundation to promote the construction of youth leaders, capable of becoming actors of change, who contribute and respect the institutional framework and strengthen the development of the country.

Starting today, a select group of scholarship recipients, made up of 50 young people, between 18 and 35 years of age, from 14 provinces of the country will be part of the Leadership School, where they will receive academic training under a teaching system that will combine face-to-face and virtual instruction.

The Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future, will work with the young scholars, during a period of six months, from April to September 2016, with the purpose of enhancing skills in leadership, contemporary world, explanations and political solutions, problems and wishes of Ecuador, ideas and social innovations, communication, among others communication, negotiation, project design, among others.


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