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Photo: Óscar Subuyuj (Guatemala) received the Nöus statuette during the award ceremony of the Second Latin American Contest of Educational Excellence.

Nôus Award vs Honorable Mention

On April 13, Teacher's Day, Fidal will reward the best teachers in Ecuador and Latin America.

Quito, April 4, 2016

Throughout history, awards and recognitions have been part of the existence of societies. The recognition of its leaders, its heroes, those who with their intelligence and their effort make merits to be awarded is a custom of man.

Thus, the Educational Excellence Contest seeks to reward the teachers who deserve it. Teachers generate projects with which they intend to improve educational quality. But, it is also necessary that the most distinguished educators receive better recognition. After measuring the pedagogical impact that each project has on students, families, communities and institutions in general, one of two types of awards is awarded.

The first, the Honorable Mention, is a sample of the teacher's constant work that manages to greatly improve education and that deserves to be named.

The long-awaited Nôus statuette, on the other hand, reaches the hands of those who have achieved excellence by executing an educational project that has managed to be a factor of change in a classroom, a school, a community or in entire geographical areas; or that due to his tireless work throughout his career, he has managed to positively mark the path of children and adolescents.

The Nôus Award has become the benchmark for educational quality, however the fact of presenting a project and participating in the contest already makes teachers winners. Their participation shows that they are fighting to improve the educational quality and quality of life of Latin Americans. Which is worthy of everyone's recognition.

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