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Photo: Byron Mora, Ángel Asimbaya and Augusto Torres from Etnos met with Rosalía Arteaga and Andrea Pazmiño de Fidal.

The richness of the graphic-visual language

of the Siona Culture in a brochure

Quito, April 26, 2016

Art is a cultural code of humanity, in the case of the Amazonian peoples, native art fulfills the function of visually transmitting their philosophy and worldview.

This is demonstrated by the in situ study of Amazonian Ethnic Anthropological Studies (Ethnos) Environmental Guardians, an entity that seeks to keep alive the customs and environment in which the Amazonian peoples of Ecuador develop. Representatives of this institution visited Fidal to form ties that allow them to publicize their cultural wealth.

This work was condensed into a brochure that tries to revalue the creativity of the graphic-visual language of the Siona River Culture. Study that tries to capture the millenary memory of the expressiveness of the ideographic language of a remarkable culture in its worldview. This creativity interacts with the nature of the jungle and a meeting of ancestral wisdom, cosmology, ecology and art is generated.

In the future, Fundación Fidal and Etnos Guardianes Ambientales will work together to raise awareness in society on issues related to caring for the Earth.

For more information on this study, you can contact the Institute for Amazon Regional Ecodevelopment (Ecorae), Av. Circunvalación and via Aguarico Corner, on the phone 062991971; or with Estudios Étnicos Antropológicas Amazónicos (Etnos), Calle Venezuela and Progreso corner, at the telephone number 0997240390. Both institutions are located in Nueva Loja, Sucumbíos province.

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