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Photo: The 46 young leaders together with Andrés León, Rosalía Arteaga and Claudia Arteaga.

"We are dreamers in a better world"

Quito, September 29, 2016

Drafting Fidal


Yesterday, October 2, the graduation of the second class of scholarship holders from the Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future (CFF), a project promoted by the Fidal Foundation, took place. 46 young leaders, from 15 provinces of Ecuador, received recognition for their studies and continuous work for six months, from April to October, throughout this time they received information, conferences and classes on ethics, values, social entrepreneurship, democracy , economy, national and international news and communication tools, having as a transversal axis respect for human values, diversity, inclusion and tolerance.


Rosalía Arteaga, addressed the attendees packed into the Paraninfo of the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, and in her speech stated “There are those who will tell us that we are optimistic when we aspire to the transformation of Ecuador with the formation of ethical leaders, but it is in which we are committed ”.


Jefferson Pérez, Olympic medalist from Ecuador, was the invited speaker for graduation, his talk combined experiences from his life and an analysis of the situation in the country. He spoke about sacrifice, perseverance, his dreams fulfilled and his future ideals; He delivered a message of commitment, dedication, love and responsibility to the country to the youth and to all those present.


Andrea Mazzini (violinist) and Estafanía Criollo (soprano), scholarship recipients of the 2016 program, demonstrated their great talent with their interpretations. The best graduates were awarded and two of them are the winners of the Taiwan democracy essay contest and received tablets as a stimulus to their work.


FIDAL and the CFF will summon young Ecuadorians between 18 and 35 years of age to apply and become scholarship recipients of the leadership school in 2017. The Foundation trusts and believes in youth and their abilities to achieve a better future.

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