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Quito, December 12, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



'Jerónimo' was presented in Mozambique


Jerónimo , a distinguished work of the former president of Ecuador, Rosalía Arteaga, was presented at the Pedagogical University of Maputo, Mozambique, on November 20, 2019. The authorities of the study center awarded him an Honor Diploma, in recognition of his performance as a writer

Arteaga has published various literary works. Hours, People, Trees of Cuenca, Five Poems, The Secret of the Princess, Rosa Carmín, The Duende of Itabaca , are some of the texts that have flowed from her inspiration.

Jerónimo is dedicated to his second son, who was born with Down syndrome and lived for just 10 months. Her early departure and all the mother's love is described in her book, which has eight editions in Spanish, two editions in English, one in Braille, one in Chinese, one in Portuguese, and one in Italian.

The work was declared a textbook in New York City and has been presented at multiple literary events: at the Porto Alegre Book Fair (Brazil); in Havana (Cuba) it was presented by the writer Fernández Retamar; in Palma de Mallorca at the University of the Balearic Islands (Spain) ... The Jerónimo saga continued with Los otros Jerónimos , prefaced by the Spanish writer Rosa Montero, in which various stories are told of families with children born with syndrome Down.

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