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Gallery: some of the illustrations made by the students of the Tomás Moro Educational Unit, in Quito.

Arteaga: works that inspire the youngest

Quito, May 2, 2016

Rosa Carmín and Jerónimo y los otros Jerónimos, two literary works written by Rosalía Arteaga that awaken the love of reading in the youngest.

During the third week of April this year, the former president of the State visited the Tomás Moro Educational Unit, where she shared with the students her personal experiences and the motivations that led her to write Jerónimo and later Jerónimo and the other Jerónimos.

In those days, it was also the turn of his recently released collection of poems Rosa Carmín, a work that he shared with students from Colegio Becquerel.

Arteaga, a leader committed to education, continuously visits educational institutions in order to encourage students to read, promote critical analysis, personal appreciation and creativity. Each event was attended by institutional authorities, faculty and students.

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