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Quito, April 17, 2017

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano


Insist on excellence


Convinced as we are about the need to maintain the emphasis on education as a basis for the development of peoples, and that we know that education touches all facets of human life, both formally and informally, We also know that if we do not aim for excellence, we will remain in the middle of the road, conforming to mediocrity, and therefore without the solution to the problems that society is going through.

In this sense, the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America, FIDAL, has been working for nine years, considering that the basis of education is given by the quality of teachers we have and by their performance in their teaching tasks.

Without good teachers we do not conceive a real quality in education, but for this, in addition to knowledge, mysticism, also a desire to do things, a real motivation, which goes through adequate classrooms and facilities, decent salaries, self-esteem, are necessary. as well as ongoing and updated training, use of technologies, love for what is done.

For this reason, Fidal rewards the best teachers from both Ecuador and Latin America, in a solemn ceremony, full of color, music, and joy, to those teachers who have responded to the call to participate and dare to demonstrate what they do. in the classroom, the way they work and the results they achieve with their students.

The Educational Excellence Contest, in its ninth edition in the country and in its fourth in Latin America, is an enormous effort by a group of people dedicated to stimulating the best educational practices, therefore its results have already exceeded national borders and are a demonstration that we must insist on rewarding those who reach the level of Excellence and continue working to sustain it.

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