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Quito, March 17, 2017

Drafting Fidal


Rosalía Arteaga present at the Global Teacher Prize award:

one million dollars for the World's Best Teacher

Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, president of the Fidal Foundation Advisory Council, will participate on March 18 and 19, in the World Forum on Education and Skills.


The event, to be held in Dubai, will bring together world experts from the public, private and social sectors to share, debate and propose new forms of education as key to solving global problems. In addition, the former Ecuadorian president will participate in a panel, as a judge, to assess the viability of political proposals, structured by various groups and international social organizations, with the aim of having them adopted and promulgated by governments.


It should be noted that within the framework of this international meeting, the winner of the one million dollar Global Teacher Prize Contest will be announced. The award will go to a committed, innovative teacher who has made an exceptional contribution to his students and the community. The award seeks to rescue inspiring stories, starring people who dedicate themselves to the task of educating. The fundamental objective is to put teachers at the center of the social scene and restore their importance to teaching.


Arteaga, committed to the education of Ecuador, supports this type of initiative with the aim of promoting excellence and innovation in teachers, based on the premise that motivated and high-quality teachers inspire children and, at the same time, promote a society fair, open and tolerant.

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