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Quito, April 26, 2018

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A Guayaquil and a Colombian are the winners of the Educational Excellence Contest


Yesterday, at the Quito Exhibition Center, the award night of the Educational Excellence Contest was held, thanks to the management of the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America (FIDAL).

Quito, April 26, 2018.- Jorge Albuja Tutiven (Guayas) and Eduardo Pérez León (Colombia) are the winners of the X National and V Ibero-American Educational Excellence Contest, respectively.

Albuja established himself as the best Ecuadorian teacher thanks to his Mudic project, which promotes intercultural spaces in the classrooms. As part of the recognition of his work, Albuja was awarded $ 10,000 and a trip to Dubai to participate in the World Teacher Award ceremony.

For its part, the + Cómic + Paz project, authored by Pérez, promotes peace and reduces the levels of violence at school through comics. His prize money was $ 5,000 and a trip to the Microsoft Education Exchange event next year.

Before meeting the winners, Rosalía Arteaga, president of the FIDAL Advisory Council, highlighted the importance of motivating teachers, who are a fundamental pillar in society. "To be a teacher is to be a trainer, it is to be a dream maker, it is to be a seed planter," he said, welcoming the attendees.

In addition, this ceremony recognized the life trajectory and contribution to education of the Ecuadorian poet and journalist Rosa Amelia Alvarado Roca and Rubén Darío Álvarez. Similarly, two special guests were awarded the Nôus Prize for their dedicated work to promote peace, education, culture and inclusion: Ernesto Kahan, 1985 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Argentine doctor, poet and writer, and Noelia Garella, the first person with Down syndrome to work as a preschool teacher in Argentina.

In this edition of the contest, 89 national and 63 Latin American projects participated. After a careful evaluation and a round of interviews with the authors of each project, the juries announced the best teachers of this year.

The Educational Excellence Contest emerged a decade ago, during a conversation between various figures from the education sector and FIDAL collaborators, with the aim of honoring and recognizing the work of teachers and generating a qualitative improvement in education.

Due to the reception of the Contest, the FIDAL Foundation took another step forward by holding the Exhibition of Innovation and Educational Excellence for the first time, as a prelude to the award night, in which companies, universities, institutes, schools, publishers participated; Furthermore, the Expoferia became a space for discussion on the challenges faced by the education sector, thanks to the lectures given by leading figures in this field.

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