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Quito, July 3, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



Ibero-American winner participated in BETT Educar 2019


The Mexican Margarita Euán Vázquez, winner of the VI Ibero-American Contest of Educational Excellence, participated in BETT Educar 2019, as part of the awards that FIDAL and Microsoft gave her for becoming the best teacher in Latin America. We share your experience:

In recent days I participated in the international event BETT Educar 2019, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil, as the winner of the VI Ibero-American Contest of Educational Excellence, organized by the FIDAL Foundation in Ecuador.

BETT 2019 took place in Brazil, upon being invited by Microsoft they covered all the expenses of travel, accommodation and event.

BETT 2019 brought together educators from around the world for four days with the mission that educators can develop their potential and encourage the use of technologies in the classroom; invaluable educational opportunity. Teachers need to know and use the ICT resources that provide the skills that our young people require to face the changes in the world that are increasingly demanding and demanding.

Thanks to Microsoft, I was able to be part of this great event that took place last May at the Transamerica Expo Center. In addition, I hope to meet with the Manager of Academic Programs of Microsoft Mexico, to talk about new projects for the benefit of the school of my affiliation.

Likewise, BETT Educar 2019 was a fundamental space to learn about education projects that are developed in the world, generate new initiatives, locate the level of use of ICTs by students and teachers in Latin America and make relationships with teachers and companies dedicated to facilitating the teaching work in the inclusion of ICT. It was a great experience!

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