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Photo: José Ramón Calvo (Spain), Director of the Forum of Excellence; Rosalía Arteaga, President of the FIDAL Advisory Council;
Hisham-El-Sheriff (Egypt), CEO of Nile Capital-Emiretes; Claudia Arteaga, Executive Director of FIDAL

Personalities from different fields meet at the Forum of Excellence

Quito, June 10, 2016

Drafting Fidal


This Thursday, June 9, Rosalía Arteaga and Claudia Arteaga, who are part of the FIDAL Foundation, participated in the Excellence Forum organized by the Excellence Foundation in Lloret del Mar, Spain.


Claudia Arteaga, Executive Director of FIDAL, was part of the panel: Asylum, immigration, refugees, Human Rights, humanitarian problems of the XXI century. The panel dealt with the migration phenomenon in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Along with Claudia were: Manuel Carballo, director of the International Center for Migration, Health and Development; Ernesto Kahan, vice president of Physicians Against Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize; Taha Sultan Kalifa Elbarghati, Red Crescent; and Walter Lichem, former Austrian ambassador.


On the other hand, Rosalía Arteaga, president of the FIDAL Advisory Council, gave the conference: Challenges of the citizens of the XXI century. The topic discussed was focused on environmental challenges and their social and economic implications. Arteaga invited the audience to reflect on the actions taken on a day-to-day basis, their impact on our environment and to take actions to be considered more than a generation, the “re-generation” of the planet.


The Forum of Excellence that brings together great personalities from the world of arts, sciences, gastronomy and politics, continues today and can be followed live at:

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