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Quito, November 16, 2018

Drafting FIDAL



Finalists of Educational Excellence 2018 were trained abroad


Six finalist teachers of the X National Contest of Educational Excellence traveled to Mexico and Israel to reinforce their knowledge in education and live a different cultural experience. These trips correspond to the prizes they were awarded for participating in the 2018 Contest with their innovative ideas.

Teachers Diego Caiza and Erika Calvopiña were part of the seminar "Education for Sustainable Development", given in Israel. During 20 days, the two teachers were trained in this area and, in addition, they did a series of workshops, visits to institutions of the Israeli educational system, tourist tours, etc.

“The reward for my effort, dedication and commitment to what I love, which is special education, was recognized by the FIDAL Foundation in the National and Ibero-American Competition for Educational Excellence. I received my award, it was approximately 20 days of an unforgettable experience that enriched me both personally and professionally. Israel is a country with a fascinating culture and history, where I was able to share experiences with people and professionals from various Latin American countries with whom we agree on the reality of our education and with whom we share the desire to make changes, ”says Calvopiña.

For their part, Ximena Curay, Luis Maldonado, Diego Espinoza and Xavier Vinueza were the educators who visited Mexico. His passage through the Aztec country, for a week, included visits to art and agricultural colleges such as ConArte, meetings at the British Council Mexico, tours of various departments of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), reception in Santillana, and , of course, cultural exchange with other professionals.

These international tours make visible FIDAL's efforts to enhance the work of teachers. The closing of the call for the 2019 Educational Excellence Contest is approaching, you can also be a teacher who generates change. Register your project!

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