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Photo: the educational establishments of Pedernales need the urgent intervention of national and international entities.

Fidal works for a supportive Ecuador

Quito, May 19, 2016

One month after the devastating earthquake that shook Ecuador, a team from Fundación Fidal makes a third visit to the most affected populations in the country's coastal area to deliver supplies, medicine and other supplies.

On this tour, which took place on May 18 and reached the Pedernales canton, Rosalía Arteaga closely felt the scare of the inhabitants due to the 6.8 degree earthquake that occurred around noon.

The former state president confirmed the conditions in which the affected families live, expressed her concern and ratified Fidal's commitment to help the population rebuild homes and promote education in these sectors. "It was very hard. We delivered more than 400 food rations, pots, water, medicines, cleaning kits, mattresses, blankets ... We also found destroyed schools, overthrown teachers' houses. The outlook is bleak. We felt the fear closely, a strong movement of the earth occurred during our visit to Pedernales. Our compatriots need a lot of help and support to overcome the fear that is now part of them and that has erased even their smiles. We will continue to support them and we will not stop comforting them with our words and fraternal embrace ”.

Fundación Fidal makes a call to join forces because we are all Ecuador and our brothers need us.

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