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Photo: some Honorable Mentions were already delivered in April 2016.

More teachers are committed to excellence

Quito, June 23, 2016


FIDAL Foundation, through the Educational Excellence Contest, seeks to improve teaching in the region, promoting the development of teachers and injecting confidence in their pedagogical innovations, with the aim of improving the system.


For this reason, as of 2007, it assumed a greater commitment to education by holding the first edition of the National Competition for Educational Excellence; project that in 2013 expanded its scope to all of Latin America to work on improving the educational system, through the recognition of teachers who contribute pedagogical, curricular or didactic innovations; research, publications, community experiences and other activities that, due to their excellence, can and should be replicated inside and outside of our countries.


The strategy has been proven throughout these years, excellent teachers continue to improve, innovate, being more and more participants in their educational establishments and communities. Many of the winners have also obtained improvements in their work location, national and international invitations to present their experiences, decision to participate in other types of educational competitions, recognized leadership inside and outside their workspaces. This has led to a better quality of life for them, their families, and their students.


With the aim of continuing to encourage the efforts of teachers, this Monday, June 27, at 4:00 p.m., a special ceremony will be held at the offices of Fundación Fidal for the delivery of “Honorable Mention” diplomas to two municipal education teachers who they achieved this recognition in the Eighth National and Third Latin American Contest of Educational Excellence. The event will be attended by María Fernanda Pacheco, president of the San José Municipal Board.

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