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Photo: Rosalía Arteaga Serrano in an interview on Radio Quito

Quito, December 28, 2016

Drafting Fidal


Rosalía Arteaga, politician, writer and social activist


Rosalía Arteaga Serrano was invited to Radio Quito for the segment "El Personaje del Día" with Andrés Carrión. In the interview, the politician, writer and social activist, talks about her family, her life and academic and professional career, reviewing various aspects mainly in the journalistic, literary, cultural, educational and political fields.

In the same way, she spoke about her experience as a Councilor for Cuenca, as Minister of Education in the government of Sixto Durán Ballén and her time as Vice-President of the Republic of Ecuador, as well as her experience at the INPC and ACTO.


As a writer, she remembers the publication of her first book by the Undersecretariat of Culture in the government of Oswaldo Hurtado.


As President of the Fidal Foundation Advisory Council, she talks about the different areas of interest and the work carried out over the years with the institution.

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