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Photo: the toys received at Fidal will be a source of joy for the hundreds of children affected.

Children's Day in Pedernales with toys and recreational activities

Quito, May 26, 2016

Drafting Fidal

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in disaster situations, because many are orphaned or are left with some type of trauma. However, a little playful activity, toys, and attention can turn this bitter moment into a hopeful moment.


Representatives of the Fidal Foundation and the Training Center for the Future will make a fourth trip to the disaster areas, in which they will once again leave donations, but this time they will focus on the little ones. The children who live in the El Arrastrado neighborhood, in the Pedernales canton, will receive the toys that arrived at the collection center. Donors from Quito and abroad supported this cause.

The main reason is to celebrate Children's Day in which there will be recreational activities led by kindergarten teachers who reside in the place and toys that will reach around 300 infants will be delivered.

Fidal's entourage and the CFF will leave on Friday, May 27 in the morning hours and plan to return the next day, after complying with the established schedule.

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