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Photo: Rosalía Arteaga constantly meets with new leaders from Ecuador.

Arteaga, guest of honor at El Círculo

Quito, July 6, 2016

Drafting Fidal


The Circle is a debate club that has meetings every week. This initiative seeks to foster dialogue in a less formal, although no less academic, way. Participants sit together to have a coffee while talking about a specific topic of the national or international situation.


The club has been quite well received, which is why it has managed to summon its members to 13 meetings in Quito without interruption. The idea has also been replicated by a group of young people in Cuenca and something similar could soon take place in Guayaquil.


The scholarship recipient of the 2016 Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future, Juan David Martínez, is part of this club and invited Rosalía Arteaga Serrano to share a moment with the university students present.


The ex-president of Ecuador and today head of the Academic Council of the Training Center for the Future will participate in the discussion where they will discuss the "quality of democracy in Ecuador", on the night of Thursday, July 7, starting at 6:30 p.m. . This meeting will be held at the Café Galleti, located on the first floor of the Institute of High Ecuadorian Studies, in Quito.

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