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Quito, May 20, 2017

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano




It is said that peoples who do not study and take history into account are condemned to repeat it, demonstrating the importance of paying attention to events, to events that occurred in previous times, not only as a kind of compilation of feats and glorious moments. or from failures and wars, but above all to obtain the lessons derived from these events.

Hence the importance of this discipline in the curricula of studies at different levels of education and in different countries, so we could never think of eliminating it from the corresponding study curricula.

But there is one more reason that forces us to look back, without losing sight of what we do and what we plan for our future, and that is that the studies of history contribute to forming identity, to searching for our roots, to feeling ourselves as partners. and members of a community, that is why analysis is so necessary, the search for those things that unite us and even look for those reasons of national pride that are so necessary to us as a community, without falling into chauvinism or exacerbation of the differences that are so dangerous when we mix, for example, religion and politics.

In the present installment of Edu @ news, we will have references to the importance of history in our educational system, there will be some examples of what has been done in this regard, but also in our pages will go what was the award ceremony of the Ninth National and Fourth International Contest of Educational Excellence, to the particularities of this beautiful ceremony that the FIDAL Foundation performs year after year, and that contributes substantially to highlight the figure of the teacher in the educational process, to improve quality and self-esteem, which are the tasks that as FIDAL we have imposed on ourselves throughout these years.


For our part, we continue to comply with the call, the training, the follow-up, the awards; It is up to teachers to continue striving, each day more, to be better and to respond to the challenges demanded by their high mission and their commitment to society.

The tenth contest is open, the call is launched, we invite you to follow us through social networks and our website

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