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Quito, April 10, 2017

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano


Quality education


This issue of Edu @ news has a dual purpose, on the one hand, to focus on the issue of the quality of education, what it entails as a service, to highlight the dignity of the teacher's task, and on the other, to highlight the most relevant data concerning the IX National Contest of Educational Excellence and IV International. In this sense, you will find in the pages of this publication dedicated primarily to teachers and education managers, important and interesting information about the work we do and about the opinions of our collaborators. I am convinced that all work is worthy, it is important for those who do it, for those who feel its impact, therefore, when we refer to teachers, mostly women, that is, teachers, who carry out their work in the sectors of education. basic and secondary education in our country and throughout Latin America, we see that the impact is direct and enormous, if we multiply the number of students in each classroom and the number of years spent in teaching. The quality of the education that is imparted is given by the capacities of the teachers, by their academic preparation, but also by their vocation, their mystique, their philosophy, their dedication to the work they carry out, which is not just one more, but that that trains children and young people and provides them with elements that will be part of their lives. This quality is also given by the infrastructure, by the provision of necessary and complementary elements to the teaching task, by the relevance of the programs that are applied, by the capacity of those who exercise leadership and authority in this very important sector. Congratulations to those who participated in the Educational Excellence contest organized by FIDAL, to all who took the risk and made up their minds.

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