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Quito, June 14, 2017

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano




When I have sometimes been invited to give a talk to parents concerned about the situation of their children, or when I have the opportunity to speak with young parents, I usually tell them that the first thing they must learn in the long parenting process and your children's education is the word “NO”. There are those who are surprised, but others shake their heads affirmatively, and it is that many of us know that one of the shortcomings of today's education, both at the school and family level, is the loss of the principle of authority by parents and teachers. Of course we know the excesses that fell into previous times when the maxim that "the letter with blood enters" prevailed and children and students were terrorized with exaggerated rigors, but we also know that the lack of firmness when it comes to From raising children or training students, it is bringing dire consequences for society.


That is why it is so important to touch on this issue in this issue of Edu @ news, because the relationship between the family and education is so close, because an inseparable binomial should be formed, responsible for the training of the little ones, but also of the children. adolescents and young people, who need references, guides, love, understanding, responsibility ... Why is it that there are no longer schools for parents? Why are we letting the most important task in life be left to improvisation? We prepare for everything, or for almost everything, but this, the training to be mothers and fathers, does not fall within the plans of those who have the decision to generate educational policies in their hands.

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