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Ecuador Emprende will deliver 5,000 scholarships for online courses, thanks to the cooperation agreement between Fundación FIDAL and the Spanish company Founderz, which will facilitate free access, for three years, to its platform for training in professional skills to groups, associations and individuals .

The scholarships include full free access to Founderz ( ) , which has dozens of courses based on the microlearning format.  

Ecuador Emprende materializes thanks to Founderz unifying all the necessary knowledge to undertake in a practical, easy and efficient way that allows learning to be assimilated and put into practice, together with the experience of more than two decades of FIDAL providing opportunities to the population from different areas. The program is also possible thanks to the presence in the country of Founderz Ecuador, represented by Carlos Rodríguez, general manager of CR Ciencia & Robotica. 

To access a scholarship, apply at the following link:

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