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Quito, February 19, 2018

Drafting FIDAL


Rosalía Arteaga Serrano participates in the International Congress of the Desert Economy


This event, annually by the Dakhla Oued Eddahab Regional Council and the National School of Business Administration (ENCG) together with the Institute of African Studies (IEA - Rabat) and which took place from February 15 to 16, 2018, aims to be a scientific and multidisciplinary platform on the economy of the desert. Contributing effectively to the good governance and sustainable development of desert regions, it stimulates meetings between stakeholders on a global scale, seeking to foster cooperation and partnership among desert countries (Africa, the Gulf States, Australia, the United States of America, among others).

The goal is to offer an environment conducive to the exchange of experiences, innovation around issues related to the desert economy, such as: tourism, agriculture, renewable energy, raw materials, transport and logistics, sea and fishing, technology, heritage cultural and intangible, nature and environment. The general theme of the congress was "Economic and tourist integration in Africa", the working languages ​​for the event were: Arabic, English and French.

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