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Quito, March 8, 2017

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano


As long as there is a battered woman


Years have passed since it was decided that March 8 was going to be a day dedicated to remembering the struggles of women and celebrating equality, despite this, and despite the fact that human beings have reached unsuspected heights of progress in in science, in technology, in the conquest of worlds, we feel that the much vaunted equality is far from being so.


And here are a few arguments that prove it and that go through statistics that it is not necessary to mention but that tell us that still, in this 21st century, the most dangerous place for a woman continues to be her own home, the paternal one where she suffers rapes and mistreatment, her own, that which she has built together with her husband or partner, where she also suffers mistreatment and rape, where she is harassed physically, sexually, psychologically, where she is still in danger of even losing her life, as evidenced by the countless cases of femicide that are committed every day on the planet.


Therefore, as long as there is a mistreated woman, one who is discriminated for the mere fact of being an abused woman, one who is paid a better salary or remuneration, because of her sexual condition, one who is denied promotion or access to a space of power, one whose rights are violated, one who is stoned to death or who is sentenced for crimes that are punished only in women, one who cannot raise her face or uncover it, one who cannot decide how and with whom she lives, one who feels that the "compliments" thrown at her are like stones in her face, one who does not have access to education or health, to a quality life, we, the other women, must continue to protest, raising the voice so that inequalities cease and we can live in dignified spaces where equality is practiced.


Every March 8 serves as a reminder, not to forget, but it is also true that every day should be one of struggle and achievements on this path laid out to achieve equal access, opportunities, rewards, but above all respect, of confidence, of security.


The celebrations and the days dedicated serve for that, to reflect, pause, celebrate the conquests and continue in the demand for more suitable conditions for the better life of women and men.

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