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Poster: the course is open to all teachers working at all levels of study.

Fidal and CFF provide more tools to teachers

Quito, May 24, 2016

Drafting Fidal

Many times there are excellent ideas to improve the quality of education and work in the classroom. Those ideas can be put on paper and turned into a project. But, when organizing and displaying these ideas, we could run into various difficulties both in structure and content. It is necessary that when telling our project to someone else, it is clearly understood.


The Training Center for the Future and the Fidal Foundation will offer a course in which several of these doubts can be resolved. The course consists of two face-to-face modules, but independent from each other. The first, which will be dictated on June 23, will be a guide for the presentation of educational projects. While the complementary one, on a date to be defined, will be about monitoring and evaluation. All these issues are crucial for the development of efficient projects that generate an improvement in the quality of education in Ecuador.


We invite you to see more information in the following link:


You can also contact us at 244 4428 ext. 117 or write to

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