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Quito, December 22, 2016

Drafting Fidal


December is here and with it, our new editions have arrived. Edu @ news in its 114th edition invites you to read Rosalía Arteaga Serrano's editorial




When it comes to moral and ethical concepts, it has been almost a constant to assimilate them to religious principles and precepts, and there has been a lot of reasonableness in this, since the great religions have consecrated the principles that natural law had already enunciated and that They were even part of the oldest legislative bodies such as the famous Roman law, which established the right to life, to give everyone what is due, among others.


Therefore, in this time of change, of uncertainties, it is worth reflecting on those rights and principles that appear as immutable, that have persisted in the codes, in the tables of the law, in the custom of the peoples and that tell us of fairer and more equitable societies, more aligned with the fight for the truth, to end asymmetries.


In this edition of Edu @ news we wanted to talk about those references, which do not have to do with belonging to a creed, but rather with the fundamental principles that have their realization in human rights and that are valid in any time and space .


Nor can we ignore thinking, in this last month of the year, about what this time entails in which we celebrate Christmas, the birth of God made man, and refer to the traditions, customs rooted in the peoples and that they extend until the festivities of the year that ends and the one that begins. How quickly times go by, how vertiginously life is going, it seems that we were just planning the numbers of the 2016 editions, when we have to do it for 2017, this is what the richness of the transit of human beings on earth consists of. that leaves us the feeling of the duty accomplished and the expectations for a new year full of good news, hopes, plans, love and agreements.


Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

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