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Quito, June 15, 2017

Drafting FIDAL


Microsoft del Ecuador and FIDAL Foundation sign a Cooperation Agreement based on the Youthspark program for development


This cooperation between FIDAL and Microsoft will serve to facilitate and collaborate in the promotion, evaluation, implementation and use of the programs, trainings, resources and technological tools that are part of the YouthSpark initiative. It will be valid for two years, ending on June 4, 2019.

The signing of the agreement will take place on June 15, 2017 at the offices of Fundación FIDAL, in the city of Quito. Microsoft, as a world leader in the information technology industry, has as part of its objectives: to promote and support access to and use of information technology, innovation, education and productivity. These objectives go hand in hand with the commitments that FIDAL Foundation seeks for the development of the country through the education and training of young talents.


The signing of the agreement seeks that through Microsoft's Youthspark program worldwide, FIDAL and Microsoft can promote their cooperation so that, by coordinating their resources, reaffirm and improve the situation of young people in Ecuador. The Youthspark initiative empowers young people to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them to greater opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship.


Claudia Arteaga, President of FIDAL recognizes that: “With the use of new information technologies, access to a new world of information can be provided, which unleashes creativity, interaction and facilitates communication and productivity of the economy in general and the participation of young people in it. Arteaga concludes that "These technologies contribute to the competitive improvement of national productive sectors and strengthen the process of economic transition towards an economy based on knowledge and innovation."


Microsoft is committed to providing FIDAL with all available information and training regarding Microsoft solutions and tools. Collaborate in the design of the Specific Agreements that are necessary for the implementation of the established objectives. Explore ways of collaboration with FIDAL to implement education and awareness campaigns on the importance of respect for Intellectual Property, with special emphasis on the software industry.


FIDAL undertakes to carry out the specific actions under its charge established in each of the projects of the agreement. Promote Specific Agreements that are required to achieve the objectives and develop actions to ensure that the competent public and private institutions benefit from the projects they can. Promote licensing in schools and educational institutions and encourage respect and protection of intellectual property rights.


Juan Carlos Cisneros, Manager of Microsoft in Ecuador, comments "We will continue supporting educational impact projects that with the use of technology stimulate social inclusion, the competitiveness of individuals and the country in general, improving education in Ecuador."


In this way, FIDAL and Microsoft wish to promote their cooperation to reaffirm and improve the situation of young people in Ecuador by coordinating their resources. These initiatives are decisive to achieve the most important social changes and the improvement of the quality of life so that people and economies can develop their potential to the full.


Other agreements signed by Microsoft:


The signing was carried out between the Prefect of Guayas, Jimmy Jairala Vallaza and the Manager of Microsoft Ecuador, Juan Carlos Cisneros. This Agreement seeks to promote training in Computer Science and technological tools in the community of the Guayas province. The agreement will have a duration of 2 years, ending in December 2018; This aims to eradicate digital illiteracy in the province of Guayas, giving access to children, youth and adults to develop their potential and knowledge. Through the training and offer of courses in Office automation, Office 365, Microsoft cloud computing: Azure and KODU programming courses and I Can Program, among others.


  • Ministry of Education and Microsoft signed an agreement in favor of the Technical Baccalaureate at the national level


In order to strengthen the figure of Technical Baccalaureate, the Ministry of Education and the company Microsoft Ecuador SA signed a cooperation agreement. This will enable the training of teachers linked to the formation of the professional figures of "Systems Administration" and "Computer Applications" identified in the Information Technology area, established in the new productive matrix of Ecuador.


The agreement establishes that the Microsoft company will carry out an induction process and consequently the total training of 648 technical teachers who train the Technical Baccalaureate from 276 educational institutions of the Costa y Sierra regime. Microsoft del Ecuador will contribute with its training programs, resources and technological tools through its online learning platforms: Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Imagine Academy and YouthSpark.


The joint work will promote the technical and pedagogical development in the training of professional figures in more than 33,300 students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd of Technical High School, in order to guarantee the strengthening of professional skills, thus improving the opportunity for labor insertion and continuity of higher education for graduates.



About Youthspark:

Through YouthSpark, Microsoft seeks to create opportunities for millions of young people in more than 100 countries over the next three years through different global programs implemented in partnership with governments, non-profit organizations and other companies.


About Fidal Foundation:

Strengthen education and consolidate democracy and governance with an ecological awareness and sustainable development approach in both Ecuador and Latin America.


About Microsoft:

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the world's leading platform and productivity company in mobile first - cloud first, its mission is to empower every person and organization in the world to do more.

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