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Quito, August 18, 2017

Drafting FIDAL

5th 820 China Education Festival

FIDAL participates in international education summit


Experts from various parts of the world will meet in Shanghai to discuss educational issues,

unite knowledge, create alliances and promote the development of education.


From August 20 to 22, the 5th 820 China Education Festival will be held, the global summit in which the guidelines aimed at quality education will be discussed and raised.


The event will feature the participation of experts in the field, professors, representatives of educational institutions and more than 25,000 educators, all gathered to analyze education, promote the path to excellence.


FIDAL, Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America, whose mission is to strengthen education and consolidate democracy and governance with an ecological awareness and sustainable development approach in both Ecuador and Latin America, and whose fundamental axis to achieve this is the strengthening and Improvement of education will be present at the event with the participation of Rosalía Arteaga, former president of Ecuador and current President of the FIDAL Advisory Council, who will give a talk this Sunday: Civil Society, Social Welfare and Education to an audience with 5000 teachers.


Arteaga's work in the educational field is recognized worldwide, it is present at summits and events that have a clear objective, to improve the quality of education and to train teachers of excellence.

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