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Quito, February 19, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



Kichwa communities participate in "Yasuní, School of Leadership"


Young people belonging to the Kichwa communities, who live near the Yasuní National Park, completed two of three modules of “Yasuní, School of Leadership”, an extension of the School of the Training Center for the Future (CFF) that is carried out in Quito for four consecutive years.

The participants that make up this promotion belong to Indillama, El Descanso, Pompeya and Chiro Isla, and every week they attend the Paspancho Community Tourism Center to receive workshops that strengthen their leadership capacities and constitute projects that benefit their communities.

In the first module, held in January, topics of Personal Development, Project Design, Language and an emphasis on Rights, duties and identity were addressed. The second module, on the other hand, had an ecology component so that each project proposed by the participants has an environmental stamp; in addition to performing a representation of their customs and traditions through a cultural night. The third module will take place in March and then present your ideas to the inhabitants of each community.

FIDAL carries out this School thanks to the support of Fundación Repsol Ecuador. The institutions, as a whole, ensure that each young person executes his project in his place of residence; For this, after the modules are finished, FIDAL will periodically advise the young people so that the projects gradually materialize.

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