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Quito, October 2, 2017

Drafting FIDAL


Under the human certainties a fan of hope opens.


"I confess that I am like a girl with a new toy every time I find out about or face the inventions and discoveries that occur with the speed of vertigo ..." This is how the talk "Las Humanas Certezas" started by Rosalía Arteaga, this 29th of October at the University of Oxford.


With a disturbing question, Dr. Rosalía Arteaga Serrano makes her audience reflect on the voracious technological change that we do not face today, where the obsolescence of machines, equipment and technology is increasingly evident. Unquestionably, this crazy bustle of science generates doubts and fears in a society accustomed to fearing the new and different. Fear, which was never reflected in the face of the deterioration of the resources that we have as a planet and its economic repercussions.


There are those who see technology as an apocalypse, however, "Human certainties" offers us an encouraging vision, where man making use of science and technology has the possibility of modifying his harmful habits to improve the quality of life of a planet where borders no longer exist and where the impossible becomes possible.

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