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Carlos Alejandro Guerrero

He obtained his engineering degree in Mines and Chemistry from the Central University of Ecuador. He studied Architecture at the Autonomous University of Mexico, to later obtain his postgraduate degree in the specialty of Restoration of Monuments and and in Museology. He has experience in art, teaching and in the practice of restoration. Among other things, he worked for the House of Ecuadorian Culture, in the Department of Plastic Arts. He was a consultant, co-examiner and adjudicator of the restoration of the church floor of the Compañía de Jesús de Quito and restorer of the National Museum of History in Chapultepec, Mexico. He worked as a teacher of free and geometric drawing and practical options at the Colegio San Gabriel and at the Colegio Nacional Mejía. He was a professor of Anthropology at the National School of Restoration and Museography of Mexico and at the Equinoctial Technological University, in Quito.


He is a co-founder of the Asociación Cultura y Fraternidad de México, an adherent member of the Sociedad de Arquitectos Restauradores de México. Member of the International Fraternity Foundation. Founding member of the Fundación Cultura del Ecuador. Member of the Academic Corporation of Ecuadorian Restaurateurs and Musegraphers and has been the National Director of Cultural Heritage in Charge on more than 20 occasions, since 1974.

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