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Gallery: some of the scholarship recipients shared their support activities after the earthquake.

CFF Fellows Reaching Out After the Earthquake

Quito, April 27, 2016

Ecuadorians living in the areas affected by the earthquake are not alone. Some scholars from the Training Center for the Future have shown their courage and solidarity by lending their hand after the tragedy of April 16. They have mobilized on their own account to help our compatriots. Here are some of the initiatives shared by them:

Juan Carlos Ordóñez - Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas

He is a member of the Clown club. Together with more comedians, he visits the hostels in Manabí. The children receive laughter therapy. For a moment they make the little ones forget the tragedy. Parents see how they laugh, they also look happy. In addition, he will give some motivational and entrepreneurial talks aimed at reactivating the economy, suggestions for starting from scratch, tips, etc.

Rafael Silva - Guayaquil

He wrote an article that was published in the online newspaper Lucidez. Report that you can read at the following link:ón-bajo-escombros-por-rafael-silva/

Estefanía Criollo - Cuenca

He has been part of the volunteering at UDAFE - UDA APOYO, from Universidad del Azuay. Participated in the collection and classification of donations for channeling with the prefecture. It will assist the affected areas through the volunteer program activated by Senescyt. Volunteering in the Government of Azuay Armed with kits. Since he is a brigadista in Techo para mi País, he will go to the affected areas during the reconstruction stage, for which he is already attending training sessions. Participate in the logistics of the 5K pedestrian race "One hand for Ecuador", of which you can see more information in the following link:

Salatihel Toral - Guayaquil

He is a volunteer at the Guayaquil Convention Center, managed by the Red Cross in conjunction with the Meritorious Fire Department and the Illustrious Municipality of Guayaquil. He also collects food and makes periodic trips to Manabí with people from his political movement. In the future I plan to participate in the Techo, Hogar de Cristo and Fronteras initiative; organizations aimed at rebuilding houses in rural areas and restoring the social fabric of the inhabitants of Manabí.

Luis Gaibor - Machala

He has been in Portoviejo since April 17 as general coordinator of the Machala Municipality camp, thanks to the management of that city's mayor's office and the solidarity of the Machaleño people, a medical aid camp has been implemented with a mobile clinic, an ambulance. , nurses, paramedics and free medicine. In addition to a donation center in the same camp from where they distribute food, water, clothes and vitoallas to the places where he has not yet arrived.

Bryan Mendoza - El Carmen

His contribution during this unfortunate tragedy has been to coordinate several activities among which are the collaboration request of shopping centers and supermarkets, sale of fruit salads with the Queen of El Carmen and coordination of a Solidarity Bingo with the El Carmen Commissariat and other warehouses. He also serves as a volunteer in the shelter coordinating recreation and entertainment activities for those affected.

Gabriela Ortman - Quito

Together with her husband, she has asked for donations from her friends in Germany, Spain and Ecuador, which have later been used to buy food and water for the victims. She tells us: “… the truth is, we never imagined so much solidarity on the part of everyone. On Sunday April 24, my husband and two Ecuadorian friends brought 200 food kits (rice, oil, noodles, tuna, sardines, lentils, juices and water) for families in a town near Bahia ”. Thanks to the efforts of this couple, journalists in two large newspapers in northern Germany wrote articles on the situation in Ecuador and asked for donations. Here the link:,1,2641811266.html .

On the other hand, it is good to remind you that the Fidal Foundation will continue to receive donations indefinitely. Contact the phone 2444428 for more information.

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