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Quito, July 23, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



CFF fellows visited the Historic Center of Quito


The City Museum and the Plaza de la Independencia were the sites visited by the 52 young people belonging to the fifth class of the Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future, as part of the agenda of the third module.

After two days of constant work with high-level guests, the leaders delved into the history, culture and traditions of the capital city on Sunday, July 21, through a guided tour.

This module, which had as its theme Contemporary World , received several speakers, among them the lawyer and journalist Jorge Ortiz; the manager of the CID Group, Roberto Cid; Pablo Dávila Jaramillo, coordinator of the Committee for Democratic Institutionalization, and Rodrigo Gómez de la Torre, president of the Council of Chambers and Associations of Production.

The consultant and university professor Óscar Montero gave a class on politics and the contemporary world and held group discussions to discuss new systems of suffrage.

For her part, María Eileen Delgadillo, facilitator of Leadership Foundations, organized activities for the consolidation of groups through challenges and under the guidance of volunteer coaches belonging to the International Coach Federation Ecuador.

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