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Quito, February 7, 2019

Drafting FIDAL



Rosalía Arteaga, member of the Women Political Leaders board


In Davos, members of Women Political Leaders (WPL), including former Ecuadorian President Rosalía Arteaga, met to discuss the seminar: "The Reykjavik Index for Leadership 2019: Measuring Perceptions to Accelerate the Journey to Equality ".

The Reykjavik Leadership Index was created by WPL and Kantar. This study focuses on equal opportunities between women and men. In 2019, the report aimed to understand where stereotypes persist and how public policy or private sector intervention could make a difference.

Key WPL leaders gave different perspectives on what can be done with the evidence collected in the report and what is the role of the media and leaders in challenging societal norms. The panel was moderated by Helen Clark, President of WPL and former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

In this regard, Rosalía Arteaga wrote about the multitasking of women for Lan to Capital Magazine: “The capacities of women to work simultaneously in different fields have been developed throughout history, and is given by that need that arose of motherhood, but which is now applied to different professional fields, as incorporated into its DNA "

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