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Photo: in April of this year, distinguished teachers from Ecuador and Latin America were awarded.

Education, a key element for the development of Latin America

Quito, June 2, 2016


Rosalía Arteaga, president of the Fidal Foundation Advisory Council, calls on all teachers in Ecuador and Latin America to share their good training practices in the Ninth National and Fourth Latin American Contest of Educational Excellence.


The Educational Excellence Contest works to motivate teachers of different educational levels, initial, basic and secondary education, from public and private schools and colleges, from urban and rural areas of all Latin America, to register their projects, achieve pedagogical excellence and fulfill your dreams.

Arteaga, former president of the State and former Minister of Education, argues that the quality of teaching depends on improvements in the work of teachers, on the incentive and recognition of their merits, on the support of their work to educate, teach and train.


Pedagogy must become the effective weapon of the educational system in the Region, for this reason Fidal invites teachers from Latin America to register their projects until December 10, 2016.

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