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Nôus for VACEM Foundation and Alberto Plaza

Quito, April 8, 2016

In addition to the teachers who will be awarded for their excellence in their educational work, the "Nôus" statuette will be given to valuable people who have contributed to the improvement of Latin America on a social, cultural and educational scale.

The artist Alberto Plaza will accompany us during the award night of the Eighth National and Third Latin American Contest of Educational Excellence, scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13.

Below you can learn a little more about the life and work of the Chilean singer-songwriter, reasons why he will receive the recognition of Fidal:

Alberto Plaza


Alberto Alfredo Plaza Aguirre (Santiago, February 12, 1962), Chilean singer-songwriter of romantic trova music. He obtained third place at the XXVI Viña del Mar International Song Festival with "Que cante la vida" in 1985 and second place at the OTI Festival with "Canción contra la tristeza" in 1995.


I will change the world Foundation (VACEM) Non-profit organization, created more than 10 years ago by the singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza, contributes to the good treatment of children, generating mobilization and social awareness about the respect that children deserve.

VACEM works with volunteers who are committed and willing to fight for the right of children to grow up in peace. Its programs and projects are financed with donations from individuals, companies, government contributions and with the support of the president of our foundation Alberto Plaza.

The VACEM foundation was born in Chile, the native country of Alberto Plaza, as a group of followers of the Chilean singer-songwriter. These partners, motivated by social work, mobilize their forces to carry out various solidarity works. Thus, the borders of VACEM begin to extend to other latitudes.

In its beginnings, VACEM began to work in various sectors of society. Children at social risk, hospitalized minors, elderly adults and helpless pregnant women have been some of the focuses of this organization. Currently the foundation has offices in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and the United States.

“The I will Change the World Foundation is synonymous with love, generosity and hope. We will continue with this dream together with our volunteers, who have revealed their souls for this project. I invite you to be part of VACEM and give our children the right to a happy childhood that they deserve ”, Alberto Plaza.

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