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At FIDAL we believe that education is essential for the development of countries. We see education not as an expense, but as a long-term investment that, beyond investment rates of return, provides us with social profitability, allowing growth, development and productivity of the countries. The well-being of both individuals and our societies would not be possible without access to quality education.


From a socio-economic perspective, the productivity of a society is determined by several factors, one of the main ones being human capital, whose main input is quality education. The quality of student learning and the quality of educational systems are closely linked to the quality of teachers.


Better prepared, better qualified teachers, with sufficient knowledge, with understanding of their environment, but above all recognized for their work, guarantees us obtaining greater direct and indirect benefits when investing in education. The benefits of education last over time, especially if the investment is made in teachers.

The knowledge or skills acquired by students are not depreciated. Furthermore, an excellent teacher or educational unit can make their students and their knowledge appreciated over time by generating valuable and often incalculable social capital.


The competitiveness of countries is also related to the capacity of their human capital to innovate. The education sector is no exception. The transformation of education is related to innovation and global technological advances, and to the global labor market. In this sense, teachers must not only update their knowledge but also adapt their work to the demands of the information and knowledge society.


The Educational Excellence Fair arises as an opportunity for the main actors in education to meet once a year to make visible the importance of education and to consider actions that aim to continue innovating and transforming the education sector.

What are we looking for?

To be the meeting point for educators, as well as public and private sector institutions to connect, present and think about actions that aim to improve and transform education in Ecuador and Latin America.

Do you want information on how to participate?

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To whom?
  • Educators from all over Ecuador and Latin America, from public, private, fiscal and municipal educational establishments; formal and non-formal education; of the artisanal and intercultural bilingual education systems; from rural and urban areas.

  • Management teams and managers of private, public, fiscal, educational establishments; formal and non-formal education; of the artisanal and intercultural bilingual education systems; from rural and urban areas.

  • Technical Institutes, Universities and higher education establishments together with their recruitment and academic offer departments.

  • Public servants linked to the education sector both nationally and locally.

  • Service providers in the education sector including: transportation, insurance, school supplies or materials, technology and equipment, texts, etc.

  • Institutions that provide extracurricular activities services.


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