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Quito, August 19, 2020

Drafting FIDAL



92 teachers form the third cycle of the E-STEM Academy


Until September 11, 92 basic education and high school teachers from all over the country will learn about the E-STEM (Ethics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational approach, thanks to the Academy that FIDAL created with the purpose of training Ecuadorian educators.

At the virtual inauguration, Rosalía Arteaga, Executive President of FIDAL, highlighted that this is a program in which the Foundation is a pioneer thanks to the alliance it made with the New York Academy of Sciences a few years ago.

The E-STEM Academy is carried out thanks to the support of the Pan American Developmental Foundation (PADF) Boeing and Inspire. “I want to give you a message of strength and motivation in these difficult times; Please be assured that education will help us move forward, ”said Marcela Bueno, director of PADF Ecuador, at the opening ceremony held on August 17.

Since 2018, FIDAL has carried out various activities around E-STEM. In this third cycle, the trainer is the expert Andrés Hermann.

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