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Ecuador Emprende awards 5,000 scholarships for entrepreneurs 

Quito, February 4, 2021

Drafting FIDAL



Youth proposal "Country Vision 2030" was socialized with the 2021 candidates


The proposal "Country Vision 2030", designed by 88 young people from the 2020 Leadership School of the FIDAL Training Center for the Future (CFF), was presented to the candidates for the 2021 elections, on Wednesday, February 3, through a virtual event.

Desireé Viteri and Eddy Perlaza, fellows from the CFF, were the ones who presented the summary of the nine axes that constitute this group proposal carried out during six months with young leaders of different formations and ideologies. The “Country Vision 2030” can be downloaded at:


Throughout this discussion, several candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency, the Andean Assembly and Parliament, asked young leaders about this plan, including Sofía Merino, Giovanny Andrade, Dallyana Passailaigue, Pabel Muñoz, Xavier Zavala, etc.

With the “Country Vision 2030”, the young people of the 2020 School aspire to have a better future for Ecuador and that the candidates who are elected in the February 7 elections consider several of their proposals as lines of action to govern in the next four years. The axes are:

Axis 1. Democracy, citizenship and the fight against corruption.

Axis 2. Sustainable Development of the Population (SDG Approach)

Axis 3. Education and Health as foundations for the improvement of living conditions

Axis 4. Generation of Alternative and Sustainable Jobs

Axis 5. Productive infrastructure as the engine of economic activity

Axis 6. Macroeconomic stability

Axis 7. Non-renewable energies and natural resources

Axis 8. Security as a development requirement

Axis 9. Environment and climate change

“The Training Center for the Future has more young people trained in Ecuador, young people who not only do politics, but are also entrepreneurs, activists, environmentalists, and so on. At the CFF we learn to be better citizens, ”said Andrea Villamil, president of Asobel, an association that links the 327 young graduates in the six promotions of the School of Leadership.

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